Smart cameras for efficient sales

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We empower you to sell more using continuous shelf monitoring

Out of stocks lose sales in over 40% of customer encounters

  • Manual audits are slow, expensive and error-prone. Cameras react in real time.
  • Continuous monitoring substantially decreases out of stock duration.
  • Planogram compliance and high stock levels improve sales performance by over 5%.


OSA Monitoring

Missing products decrease retail turnover by 5-10% globally. Recoshelf detects them in realtime and notifies for immediate restocking.

Planogram Checking

Incorrect shelf positioning hurts customer and supplier satisfaction. Recoshelf ensures every item is in place.

Price Monitoring

Outdated and incorrect price tags creates negative customer experience. Recoshelf continuosly checks that each tag is correct.

Shelf auditing

Installing a computer vision in a large store can be expensive and slow. Recoshelf offers a mobile app to periodically audit shelves with a smartphone.


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